My (Updated) First Post

Hello and welcome back (again)! Can we call this a take 2?

With lockdown in full swing and the furlough life becoming my norm, I have decided to pick my blog back up from where I left off and start again. How exciting!

You may be wondering why I decided to leave my first post up and live from 2018 and honestly, I can’t fully tell you why I have done either. I think it’s down to the fact that I find it interesting looking back and remembering how much I thought this blog was going to change my life. The new me, you know? But did I carry it on… well considering you’re now reading my first updated post, I spy not!

So, where do I begin? My name is Mara Jade Van Geffen, with my first and middle name being the influence for my extra riveting blog name. I am 21 years old and study Marketing in Nottingham Trent University. Currently, I am in the middle of my placement year at SilverDoor Apartments – now experiencing a sliiiiight change of scenery.

As I am sure you are all aware, the UK and many other countries are currently something which is called “lockdown”. This is due to the unprecedented circumstances of Covid-19. To this date, it has been 45 days since lockdown began, I moved back home with my parents and have been living here ever since. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t so ready to get back to work, move back in with my friends and see my boyfriend. Despite this feeling, for the health of those around me it is so so right that we stay indoors and respect the orders from the government.

Enough said, I wanted to come back on here and use this platform as a place to express everything I love in written form! There is nothing I find more enjoyable than reading back on of all my thoughts, feelings, hacks, favourite products etc. Kind of like a diary y’know? 📝 I have a lot of creativeness bottled up inside of me and feel like the lid is ready to pop. Get ready to dive into my life and the thoughts that flow around my head. I am so excited!

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