Quarantine Queen – isolate with me!

Hey and welcome to my next blog post entry – quarantine with me! Riveting, thrilling, edge of your seat kind of content – I know. I wanted to do a sort of pathetic excuse for diary entry “blog” for my first proper post to show you a day in the life of me, spending quarantine at my home. Like an extract out of Bridget Jones’ diary, but instead of writing about generic normal life antics, I’m telling a tale about the newly found isolation life.

It’s been a very interesting few couple of weeks at home, with my parents and my younger brother. Life feels like it’s rewinded back to the summer era during High School, when those long and dreary 6 weeks consisted of doing absolutely nothing. I mean, I’m not complaining whatsoever. This is the dream for me at my big age of 21, when really I should be working full time earning pennies. But I, like most, had certainly not pencilled in a global pandemic for three months and counting.

Morning Routine

Berry Banana Smoothie Mix – Incredible

In regard to keeping busy during these unusual times, I’ve been trying to spend my days in an as relaxed routine as humanly possible. I’ll gradually wake up around 8-9am and this is something that never changes, despite my love for an 11am lie in. I’ll quickly grab a smoothie from my newly bought blender or a berry granola bowl, FaceTime my boyfriend and then proceed to plan my actions for the rest of the day. One thing I have been consistent with doing since lockdown began is making my bed every morning and I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to do this. On paper, fluffing your pillows and pulling your duvet over seems such a simple task, yet it makes your room seem somewhat fresher and, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s scientific proof for it to improve your days productivity …watch this space 👀


Poppy and I on our daily walk – 27th April

I’ve been working out. A lot? Which is so unlike me and my 2018/19 year old self wouldn’t believe it if I rewinded back and let her know. Running, dog walks, home workouts and yoga have been my go to exercises – but this is something I’ll go into in WAY more detail in future blogs as I could pour my heart out into it now and end up having to change this title. Not something I want to do!

I did the Run 5, Donate 5, Nominate 5 for charity in the middle of April and it felt fantastic. Sometimes it’s nice to run and actively having a purpose, rather than just doing it to get out the house! Above is a picture of my face right after. I think I did it 31 ish minutes, I can’t quite remember. One thing I do remember however was that my mentality that week had been relatively low – so getting out and running without stopping was something I was extremely proud of.

Tik Tok

Tik tok – the 2020 revelation

Have you really experienced lockdown if you haven’t spent days learning Tik Tok dances and re-enacting your favourite scenes from movies? And yes you ask, that is exactly what you’d call a rhetorical question. This app is INSANE and so much fun for creative individuals who want a platform to express themselves. We all have a lot of extra time at the minute and it can also be a great way to get the entire family your self isolating with involved. If you don’t have the app – make sure you download it as soon as possible!

Night time

Scrabble, Yahtzee or Monopoly are our three go to games for night time. Nothing quite beats sitting down at the dining room table with the Monopoly board set up and a flow of alcohol as time goes on. I’d much rather be active like that than sit and watch a movie for the same length of time…is that bad? I have no patience, unless it’s Burlesque of course. I find I have the attention span of something which has a short attention span. So movie nights for me are a no go at the minute, I’d much rather set up my laptop and watch a 20 minute episode of The Office with my boyfriend on FaceTime. Which we have been doing quite a lot this week isolation. It’s been such a good way for us to catch up and relax together, as if we were together in real life.

I’m keeping safe and I hope you are too! It’s all about staying positive and riding the wave😚

Xoxo Mara

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