Mini Shein Haul – Yay or Nay?

Please tell me it’s not just me who remembers Shein from back in the day?! My brain is trying to work out how long I have known this brand for. I NEVER bought from them then though. From what I vaguely remember I don’t think I trusted their website. I used to attempt to wrack my brain around how it was possible to have exactly the same sorts of clothing/homeware pieces you could find on the high street but at nearly half the price? It definitely seemed like some sort of prank!

However recently, I’ve seen a flurry of YouTube videos on this fashion brand and whether it’s worth us spending our pennies on it. Logically speaking, if you combine a poor student (like myself) with a brand at those sorts of prices…you can already imagine the outcome. But I’m concerned that with these exceptionally low prices comes a suffering in quality? I decided I wouldn’t know unless I tried it out myself. So, I hopped on the Shein App and got searching. I was so shocked by their products, they literally have everything and anything you could ever want, even an automatic toothpaste dispenser which attaches to your wall…NOWAY. I payed £32.94 altogether for my items and picked up 5 different things. Keep reading to see my thoughts on the products, price and quality!

1. Space Dye Hollow Wide Waistband Sports Leggings

Price – £12.99 Quality – 9/10 Squat Proof – Yes

Sorry but what. I am in utter SHOCK at the quality, thickness and comfiness of these leggings. I got them out of the packaging and instantly fell in love. They feel so soft yet thick material, like genuine sports leggings. For a 5’3 petite girl, I got a Medium and I was thrilled to find the leggings fit perfectly for my height and shape. They wrap around my bottom half so comfortably and the length fits perfectly around my ankles. The holes on the back of the thighs are designed for breathability and the contours imprinted in the design shape my body exactly how I want it to. The colour is true to the image on the website and the design itself looks like the image. Personally, these leggings are exact match of what I had wished for and I can’t recommend purchasing them enough!

2. Solid Wide Waist Sports Shorts

Price – £4.99 Quality – 10/10 Squat Proof – Yes

Don’t get me started on these. Again, just utter shock! These sports shorts are incredible! The perfect fit around my waist and legs, with a great amount of stretch . The grey colour of the shorts has a slight tinge of blue in it, which the images clearly show. I keep looking at the price tag and checking if I had not mistaken it, how are they £4.99???? I feel sort of guilty for loving them with a price so low. You can buy a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for the same price! HOW?????

One thing I want to mention for the gym fanatics out there, after testing out these shorts for my morning workout I have to sadly admit that these are riders! We all know the struggle of getting into a gym workout and realising our shorts don’t seem to want to stay in place…it’s a nightmare no one seems to be talking about! I constantly had to readjust my shorts so they weren’t riding up and it was quite annoying. So – BE WARNED!

3. 5pcs Simple Scrunchie

Price – £3.99 Quality – 10/10 Elasticity – 10/10

When I came home from my placement, I decided it was time to give my bedroom a spring clean. I came across some of my olden but golden scrunchies, dating back from around 2013 – 2014. I think I had bought them from Urban Outfitters with my £20 pocket money. Since being home and finding these treasures, I have been wearing them 24/7. Even when they don’t match my outfit, I’ll still find the need to pop one in my hair. So I decided to take the plunge and buy a pack of five from Shein. Once again, I am SO impressed by these scrunchies! The velvet material is so soft to touch and they seem to be of a high quality material. The elasticity of the bobble inside is amazing and the colours In this pack are so gorgeous. I have fallen in love in such a short space of time and already know that I’m going to have to buy more outfits to match my scrunchies…ah well.

4. Artificial Hanging Vine 1pc

Price – £3.49 Quality – 5/10 Ease of use – 4/10

I don’t really know what I was expecting with this item. I saw the image, had an idea and tried to run with it. But as you can see from the image above, I can’t even close my wardrobe with how big the attachment is…so it’s really not convenient! The image, I admit, looks a whole lot better than it does in real life. IRL the leaves feel extremely fake and are a saturated green colour – highlighting the fact it’s an artificial plant. For £3.49 however, you can’t really go wrong. In the back of photos/selfies, I’m sure this hanging vine would look extremely cute and artsy, which is something I will probably use it for in the future!

5. 1pc Data Cable Securing Holder

Price – £2.49 Quality – 6/10

Please ignore my dirty MacBook charger…and I ooop.

Now this is a ‘must have’ essential I feel that we could all benefit from! This cable holder is a nifty gadget that will organise all your cables by your bed, making it so much easier when plugging your tech in when you sleep. I find there is nothing worse than getting my laptop cable mixed up with my phone’s, then fumbling around making knots left right and centre. Its just an inconvenience that doesn’t need to happen and that is why I believe this little gift is a massive hit! It’s small and discreet, with many colours available to choose from. Of course, I got pink to match my pink room and I absolutely love it.

One thing I want to pick up on is the double sided sticky tape that comes with it. After applying it to my bedside drawers in the day and going to sleep, I found the cable holder had fallen off twice in around 12 hours due to not being sticky enough. At the moment, it’s been on all morning and I have had no issues so I guess it’s just about applying enough pressure to ensure it stays put!

And that is everything I bought from Shein. If anything, I regret not buying more! This mini haul was so unbelievably successful I am on an all time high. Everyone has been through the struggle of online shopping and finding you hate every single thing you thought you’d love. It’s a pain not often talked about but much experienced in our world today. I am overjoyed to find I love everything and no returns are being made.

Thank you for reading and let me know if you have decided to buy anything from this fashion brand. Love

Product Links:

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