My Hair Journey – From Dull LOB to Long Locks

Hair is everything to me, I’m not sure about you but it’s a statement part of my ‘image’ I feel the need to protect the most. I’ve always been the type to hate my hair pulled back in any sort of way. You won’t catch me pulling off a low bun/pony or a slick rick sort of style Kim Kardashian would wear. If my hair is not in front of my shoulders for every photo taken, then it may swell not even be there…I know – I’m a drama queen. I wanted to write a blog for myself and those that care about my little journey I went on with my hair from 2018/now as I just felt it would be nice to have it documented down. You never know, it might give someone else that little bit of hope if they’re struggling with their hair!


The High School era was the beginning of the beautiful long locks (please ignore my awkward 2015 poses in the mirror with my iPhone 5c). I took this length and health for granted SO BAD and god if I could rewind, I’d tell myself to appreciate it more because it’s not going to last forever D: I used one product to protect the ends with and that was the Tresemme Heat Defence Spray – an all time classic. I still use the same bottle to this day with a water replacement inside for neatening up my braids – I just couldn’t get rid of it!

JUL 2018

This was the month of realisation. The realisation of everything that was going on with my hair. I had spent months and months of putting an extortionate amount of heat on the ends to get the perfect straightness or waves whilst in Uni. I had bleach blonde ends, making them more susceptible to damage from the 200 degree heat and I just think I over stepped the mark. I remember not using any products to protect it with either…my poor ends must have been desperate for a bit of love and attention </3. How sad!!

It was these two specific photos I had on my phone which just did it for me – BORK those frayed ends. I still look at that second photo and wonder how I had been so blind to the damage before. I was in London on an internship when the second photo was taken, so I decided when I was coming home that the first thing I would be doing is booking an appointment at the hairdressers.


I wish you could see properly just how short this lob was:( it was just past my shoulders and for me this felt like I had a 1 all over. I’ll admit, it doesn’t look half as bad as I thought it did, but it was a massive change for me and I wasn’t used to the short hair life. Added on top of this, I was desperately trying to reduce the need for heat on my hair to prevent what happened previously, which meant less straight and more frizz.

My worst nightmare came to life when I was at Creamfields Festival and pulled out my multitude of clips from my pin curls. I literally looked like I had a frizz bomb bob…disaster alert. I’ve posted a picture below to show just the extent of short I’m talking about. This is where I felt my confidence knock and straight after this weekend, I literally ran to my new hairdresser – Ceili – to see if I could get any hair extensions. She warned me it would be a LOT of money for what I wanted doing and being a poor student, I wasn’t financially able to fund this.

Creamfields 2018


As real hair extensions were clearly out of the window, I decided now was the time to completely revamp my hair routine and buy some well reviewed products off Look Fantastic to help it grow.

I was purchasing these items on a whim and in all honesty, haven’t re-bought any of them. However, I can happily say I did purchase one of my staple hair items on this day without even realising. This is my hot pink Tangle Teezer brush. Its carefully designed bristles make brushing my hair so much easier and less harsh than any other brush I’ve used before. If you’re thinking about investing in a Tangle Teezer brush, my advice to you would be to pay more for the brushes with the handle on the end. Honestly – game changer!


Months went on and my hair was growing (I hoped/prayed/manifested). I waited until it was long enough that the ends were less blunt/more thin. This meant I could now purchase some cheap, synthetic hair extensions online. Now this is where the fun BEGAN. I think I invested my pennies into the online brand – Lullabellz – and decided to go all out. My first buy was the 20″ Curly Golden Blonde 1 piece clip in. Oh DEARY ME. How I ever thought this was okay is beyond words. I even thought it was acceptable to wear them to Detonate festival in June last year…why didn’t my friends stop me??? I remember being so conscious my clips were on show throughout the day, yet was blinded by the fact my hair looked like one big fat mess. This was a massive learning curve!!

I then went on to invest more of my overdraft in 1 piece hair extensions, which actually looked pretty okay (I try to tell myself still to this day). They were my babies and I absolutely loved every photo I got in them. My poor friends were probably sick of me asking them to check the back of my head to make sure the clips weren’t on show. I felt as if these extensions were finally bringing some shape back to my face and body – making my confidence soar back to its old self. I didn’t mind wearing clip ins for a while whilst my hair was growing as it was a cheaper alternative to real ones. This was exactly what I needed to get over the chop horror of 2018.


As we finally come into the middle of 2020 (sorry but WTF where has this year gone????), I have gradually taken out my extensions and am coming to the realisation that I LOVE the length and health of my hair now. It’s everything I wanted and more. Since lockdown, I have been giving myself tiny chops to get rid of the frays at the end but other than that, everything is in perfect condition. I look back on 1st year of Uni and wonder how I ever let my hair get to the state it was in. There is so much more to life than hair – I know – but it’s a mini journey I’ve been on and I love mine right now!

I was going to write my top tips I have found for growing my hair, but I’ve decided to save that for another blog in the future as this one was becoming lengthy! For those who got to the end of my journey, I hope you enjoyed and I’ll definitely make sure I am uploading more relevant things you can learn from in the future. Love

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