Bedroom Pack with Me – University Edition

GOSH it’s finally time to talk about University! How exciting is this?!?! As you might know or not know if you haven’t read my About Me page, I currently study Marketing at Nottingham Trent University. I chose to do a Sandwich Year and in October, I will be going into my Final Year (openly cries at the thought of finishing so soon). I have so much experience living away from home and have done since 2017. Knowing this, I wanted to share with you all a list of what I think is best to pack for your bedroom in first year of University.

This isn’t going to be a one off, I’ve decided I am going to do a dedicated University series on my blog and Instagram page to provide you with a much deserved insight into how to prepare for your first year in University! I promise you, I totally understand how daunting the thought of Uni life I is. Moving out of your own childhood home (for most) and being thrown into living accommodation with random strangers, getting used to Lectures/Seminars and even attempting to socialise and make friends…trust me, I have been through it all! So in today’s blog, I’m going to be running through what I suggest packing for your bedroom in University. Make sure to keep reading for my must have items…

Where do I start?

Honestly, this is possibly the worst question you can ask yourself or others around you. When packing for your bedroom, you need to understand you’re living in this area as well for the majority of your time. It’s not just where you sleep, you will work here and bring friends round. It’s all about making it cosy and home-like, replicating your dream bedroom. For those who haven’t been able to decorate their room at home, this is the perfect excuse to go wild and create those Pinterest board rooms you have always wanted.

My First Day at University

My Bedroom List

I have listed every single thing you would need for your bedroom in university. These are the ‘must have’ items, some might not be so glamorous, but are essential in ensuring you have everything you need for your time in your University bedroom…

  • Duvet quilt and pillows (find out if you have a double or single bedroom to suggest what size you buy)
  • Mattress protector (I would suggest getting one with memory foam or a similar product, something thick anyway to provide more comfort! Especially if you’re living in halls as the beds might not be that comfy…learn from my experience!)
  • Duvet cover with pillow cases x2
  • Decorative cushions and blankets
  • Rug (a great way to make that ugly carpet/laminate floor look pretty!!)
  • Under bed storage (big must have if you can find out you have space under your bed, storage can either be your best friend or worst nightmare in University)
  • Desk lamp
  • Alarm clock (not essential if you can use your mobile phone but they look cute)
  • Storage baskets (so useful for storing makeup, university folders/pens etc)
  • Extension cable with USB port, I would recommend getting a 3m one just incase your plugs are on the other side of the room. (not essential but is honestly a life saver)
  • Laundry basket with handles (great for travelling to your halls laundrette from your room)
  • Hangers
  • Drawer dividers (not essential but will make your life easier if you need to organise your space)
  • Mirror (find out if you have access to a long length, if not then buy one but if you do, just grab yourself a medium sized one which can sit on your desk)
  • Fairy Lights (make sure to look at the length! Choosing between plugged and battery is also dependant on what you would prefer, I chose battery but kind of regretted it as they were long enough to reach my extension cable)
  • Photo frames
  • Whiteboards/pinboards (a great way to decorate your university bedroom! Some halls may already come with one but adding some cute magnets/pins are a great way to make them look pretty!)
  • TV/desktop/laptop (not essential but great for entertaining if you want something different to do)

From what I can remember about my first year in University, I wanted a room that everyone could come in from my floor and relax! My friends and I used to love chilling on the bed and popping a movie on my laptop. Organising your room to be a cosy and homely space will help make your transition to uni life easier to cope with.

Favourite bedroom decor stores (UK based)

I wanted to also add onto this a list of my favourite UK stores for my bedroom decor, I have so many I love for soooo many different reasons. I have mentioned that these are UK based however you might find some of these stores are located in other countries, I just couldn’t confirm for you exactly now.

  • Ikea
  • B&M
  • Home Bargains (pronounced home and bargains and I won’t have it any other way!!!)
  • Matalan
  • Dunelm
  • Amazon (great for those nifty products like the USB extension cable)
  • H&M
  • Zara
  • Asda – George

My Top Tip For Packing Your University Bedroom

My top tip for those buying furniture and items for their Uni room is to not go overboard! Don’t think your bank needs to break in order to have the best room possible in University. You’re only really living there for 6 months of the year, it’s barely any time when it boils down to it! Make sure you stick to your agreed budget and search around for cute accessories to fit in your room. Remember, just because it’s more expensive doesn’t mean its better. There are great budget shops out there with crazy cheap items, guaranteed to make your bedroom feel like home!

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