Little Life Update

I miss writing for my blog SO much. I didn’t know it at the time but the blogging life was so much easier when I was furloughed and I didn’t have anything else to do with my time. Now, I’m in my final year of Uni and I’m swamped in miserable coursework deadlines. No one pre-warned me how difficult it would be to balance the two and now I’m sat with a dusty blog page, which hasn’t had much love care or attention since the beginning of OCTOBER. TWO whole months ago…suddenly I feel like crying. So I have decided to set myself a New Years Resolution to keep content flowing on this blog (at a reduced rate), and making it my own space for creativity alongside my other university projects. How long it will last? I’d love to know. But for now I’ve made it to this point and I’m determined to not give up! These past couple of months have been slightly unusual to say the least, we are currently experiencing another national lockdown within the UK. 3.0. I promise, you’re not alone if you are completely and utterly fed up of it – we all seem to be. This little blog post is just giving you an update on what I have been doing since the beginning of January to keep myself busy, healthy and happy!

The Dreaded Uni Deadlines

I’ll reiterate, this has kept me busy but it has certainly not been FUN. Uni during this year has been so unusual in comparison to my 1st and 2nd year. The girls and I have been cooped up in our flat, trying to stay sane whilst writing two pieces of coursework which were dated to be submitted by the end of Jan. Did I mention trying to do this in a PANDEMIC???? Hardx10. Fortunately though, I have submitted both (PRAISE BE) and can now relax a little without the dreaded deadline stress. Prior to this, my days have consisted of waking up, popping the library 13:00-16:00, eat, then repeat. This routine hasn’t changed one bit and I am glad to see the back of it…for now. All in all, we have been fortunate enough to have these facilities kept open for us, it has been a life saver to get out the flat for a bit and actually experience the outside. That walk to and from the library seems to be my only steps for the day and during these bitterly cold times, I am keeping it that way.

Shreddy To Rumble

Where do I even start with my fitness? It has been a massive struggle for me over the Winter and I have only recently came to accept this statement. I put on quite a few lbs over this period from the summer bod I’d been working towards. I hate numerically thinking about this because I had the best Christmas, of what could be made out of it and I don’t regret it. I drank all the alcohol I wanted and I am not complaining one bit. It wasn’t until Jan 1st 2021 when I knew I needed to do something about it. Unfortunately, my body type fluctuates massively in weight and the slightest blip can make the biggest difference. At first, running seemed like the best option. I’d spent my summer building my stamina and enjoyed the 5-10-15ks I’d trained myself to do. Nevertheless, this was MONTHS ago and the cold, winter months did not seem appealing in the slighted, so that was out of the question. It wasn’t until Grace Beverley, founder of TALA and Shreddy, posted an Instagram story promoting her fitness app ‘Shreddy’ having 50% off. If you know me, you’ll know I’m a sucker for a discount and just had to jump on the trend. I purchased the quarterly payment scheme without any preconceptions. Instead of paying the original – Β£24.99 – every three months, I actually ended up only paying Β£12.46…what a bargain.

Fast forward to now, I am on my fourth week having completed 30% of the home fat loss guide. I’ve lost 5lbs already, trimmed my waist massively and have even made an Instagram to track my progress and join the Shreddy community. It’s so much fun and I am absolutely loving it at the moment. I’m planning to do a blog about it in the future which will go into way more depth, similar to my previous Chloe Ting Challenge post. PS: I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of impressions this post had (and still seems to have) I was so shocked, everyone seemed to love it which made me the happiest. Overall, right at this moment if you’re looking for something to keep you moving – a fitness app is the way to go!

Eating The Days Away

Sorry but how good is Tik Tok for food recipes?! Normally, I’m a Pinterest gal, but honestly Tik Tok is topping it recently with its extremely simple, but delicious recipes to make. Most of which only include a small list of ingredients, majority of stocked cupboards usually have. I’ve spent many evenings making meals that I had previously saved on my favourites and can happily say I have fallen in love with cooking even more. I think everyone and their dog has tried baking or cooking during lockdown and I can’t blame them. It’s such a good way to pass time throughout the day whilst nothing else is going on. For me, my fitness has influenced most meals as they have been relatively healthy/packed full of veggie goodness. This has been a blessing for my skin and body, but a curse when I’m craving something sweet…I just want a tub of sour cream Pringles every once in a while, is that too much to ask?

Entertain Me…Please

Anyone else like me and just can’t get enough of all the TV on at the minute? From the likes of Bridgerton, to High School Musical – The Series, I have been addicted to popping something on on my laptop whilst I cosy under the duvet. One moment I’m manifesting the life of those on Bling Empire and then the next, I’m invested in World’s Toughest Prisons and tell myself I’d love to see one in person…don’t ask why. There is so much on at the minute it’s hard to get to grips with what channel and time it’s being aired. My boyfriend and I (on Facetime) are on the cusp of finishing The Office USA for a second time and I’m not guilty about it. If anyone hasn’t watched it, it’s just came on the UK Netflix and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s such an easy watch with admirable characters you will instantly fall in love with. From TV shows to those old school movies, I have enjoyed watching all the Disney throwbacks on Disney+. Ratatouille has became my ultimate favourite in lockdown 3.0, with their new release ‘Soul’ coming in a close second. These TV shows and movies have ultimately been the cure to my boredom this lockdown and I don’t know personally what I would do without these platforms during this time.

Luckily, I am feeling positive in terms of my mental health, which I am extremely grateful about. From reflection, I think a major contributor to this is from the fitness regime I have implemented and my love for cooking in the evening. I just wanted to spend the end of this blog sending all the love I can to anyone who needs it during this time xxx

2 thoughts on “Little Life Update

  1. Great post! I completely agree about all the good TV that’s been popular lately. It’s almost hard to keep up with it, lol! I finished Bridgerton a couple days ago and loved it!


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