My Skincare Routine and Journey

I’m always quite sceptical when it comes to sharing my skincare routine, because clearly, what works for me might not work for the next person. However, I’m the first to admit that I have been on a bloomin JOURNEY with my skin and finally it’s coming to its senses! I want to share this withContinue reading “My Skincare Routine and Journey”

June – My Favourite Product

Is it just me that always finds the urge to buy products when I see a good review from someone I trust? Influencers are literally thriving at the moment and it’s no surprise really when this is mine and a lot of others’ outlook on buying beauty products! My bank account feels it – aContinue reading “June – My Favourite Product”

My Hair Journey – From Dull LOB to Long Locks

Hair is everything to me, I’m not sure about you but it’s a statement part of my ‘image’ I feel the need to protect the most. I’ve always been the type to hate my hair pulled back in any sort of way. You won’t catch me pulling off a low bun/pony or a slick rickContinue reading “My Hair Journey – From Dull LOB to Long Locks”